A Mother-Daughter Sunflower Mini Session

“Moms are the people who know us the best and love us the most.” – Unknown

I loved this little Mini Session with my friend Carrie and her two girls, Maggie and Hattie.  When the Sunflowers are in bloom, I offer sunflower mini sessions on one weekend and they are always a lot of fun.  The sunflower peak is usually late August, but with Mother Nature, we can never be sure until it’s upon us.  It also seems that different places will peak each year.  If you plan on checking out the sunflowers, please take some mosquito repellent with you.  It’s the one time of year that none our wild birds go hungry, there’s millions of mosquitos.

I loved creating these fun images for Carrie and the girls.  I know that in 40 years, the girls will love them even more.  I lost my mom when she was just 48, and what I wouldn’t give for some moments captured on camera like this.

Love you ladies, thank you for being my Flagstaff Family.

What is a Mini Session?

  • locations and times are usually pre-set to allow for me to have multiple sessions in one day at one location
  • session time is limited to 20 or 30-minute time slots in an effort to get a handful of desired shots – wardrobe changes are not generally possible with this limited amount of time
  • at least 10 images are delivered
  • the session fee and certain images and/or products are rolled into the collections offered for each mini session promotion (differs with each Mini Session Promotion)
  • this is the perfect choice for those who seek to have sessions throughout the year or if you have some specific need for an image (a holiday card or to commemorate a milestone birthday or headshots, for example)

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