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I love acting headshots. Of all the careers out there, acting seems to really define going for your dreams.

“I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which, was that you can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love”Jim Carrey

I’ve always been a huge Jim Carrey fan. Not only does he make me laugh, but he serves up some serious advice. When I listened to his graduation speech, it brought me to tears. It made me think about all the hopes and dreams I’ve yet to achieve. What about you? Do you have any big dreams you’d still like to chase down? For me, I’ve had a novel I’d like to write. And a coffee table photo book too. Dreams are what keep us inspired and motived. After watching that video I started an outline of things I want to accomplish. How will you track your dreams?

Austin is an aspiring model and actor.  I love how this young kid has the laser focus to chase down his dreams.  I remember being his age, and being so intimidated and unsure.  It’s so refreshing to see young adults face the unknown and jump into opportunity.

Austin is represented by Dani’s Talent Agency and needed updated acting headshots for an audition. We choose an outdoor edgy downtown area for his modeling headshots.

I wish you the best Austin and can’t wait to see where your dreams lead you!

Model posing for his acting headshots outside on a green wall wearing a black leather jacket and black shirt. Taken by Melissa Dunstan of Tangled Lilac Photography
Acting headshots taken in downtown Flagstaff with model wearing a leather jacket and jeans. Taken by Melissa Dunstan of Tangled Lilac Photography

Do you have a dream to chase? Need a headshot to help? I’d love to help you along your way to achieving all you’ve desired.

Not all headshots have to be taken in the studio.  These headshots were photographed in a urban setting of downtown Flagstaff and Los Angeles, California.  Call or email me today to schedule yours!

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