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Someone once said the only fault of the dog was that they lived such short lives.  I couldn’t agree more.  And, I know so many people who view their four legged friends, not as a pet, but as a family member.  I think the hardest thing to do in life, is to have to say goodbye to them when it’s their time to go.   I lost my beloved Ginger-Dawg right after I got married and for years I’ve regretted not having her photos taken professionally.  At best, all I have are out of focus snapshots of her running through the woods, and maybe one or two of she and I hiking.    (Below is a faded scan of a photo of she and I together) With Ginger-Dawg in mind, I decided to start offering what I’m naming Ginger Sessions.  They are a discounted, end-of-life photography session just for your animal friend as they near the time to leave you.   I will do my best to be available for you when that time comes, and I’ll do my best to get to a location where your pet feels secure and at peace.

I’ve had so many animal friends in my life, and lovingly look at old photos of them to remember our special relationships.  It’s my hope that these sessions can bring you some laughter and happy tears when you look at them in years to come.


The below session is from sweet Chelsea’s Ginger Session.  She was an old rescued pup that had the luck to find her mom, Leslie, at the Humane Association, and was able to spend many years with her.   The way Chelsea looked at Leslie reminded me of how some little kids look at their parents~you can tell they think they are superheros.  Chelsea and Leslie’s bond was strong, and I was so happy that we were able to get these photos.  Chelsea passed away the weekend after our session and I was so happy I got to meet this sweet soul.  Heaven is a brighter place with you there Chelsea. ~ Melissa

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  1. My daughter and I had a dog who looked almost exactly like this dog. We rescued him in Sedona. Pal was the most precious family member in the world and we still mourn his loss. So glad that you were able to get photos of her before she passed!


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