Welcome to the world baby Paige! {Arizona Newborn Photography}

Baby Paige was 12 days old when her parents, Natalie and Mike, and her canine brother and sister, Quito and Kaya, came to the studio for her newborn photos.  Little Paige was not interested in sleeping, but rather, this little new soul wanted to know about everything going on around her.  And, Quito and Kaya amazed me.  They were very concerned about her, and her every little squeak caused them to come to her side.  They comforted her just  by licking her head or her toes.  What a great gift to grow up with two sweet pups like this!  Natalie and Mike were so sweet and loving to all of them, and my heart was warmed by how complete this ‘pack’ had become with the addition of sweet Paige.  Welcome to the world little Paige! ~ Melissa

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