Boudoir Photographer


If you’ve been looking for a Boudoir Photographer, you know there are hundreds of styles out there.  Couple that with some photographers are not consistent with their styles, and that gives women the uneasy feeling on not knowing what to expect at their own session.   Boudoir us something that I love to photograph and am well known for in the industry – for creating stylish, elegant and beautiful boudoir imagery that reflects designer lingerie brands.  My work  is a long, long way from the world of ‘glamour’ in style and tone.   I tend to attract strong, independent women who are keen to have a boudoir photography session at a significant time in their life.

The two styles that I gravitate towards are a feminine “light and airy” look and a more “dark and sultry look”.  I try and incorporate both looks my boudoir photography sessions so that my clients have a variety of looks to choose from for their albums.


In our opinion, there are so many reasons to book a boudoir session!  Brides book a bridal boudoir photoshoot for their husbands or wives to be, women book boudoir photography to celebrate turning 40 or 50 or 60.  Also, and my personal favorite reason, are those who seek out boudoir sessions to face their self esteem demons or want to celebrate their bodies or fight depression  This experience is something I truly believe every woman should do once in her life.  While the thought of it may be daunting, the experience is fun and liberating.

If you are looking at the boudoir galleries and are thinking….‘they are models” or “I can’t look like that” you are dead wrong.  All of the women I’ve photographed have had the same thoughts and when they look at their own photos they are so stunned and happy.   Your job is to show up and my job is to make YOU feel relaxed and to look incredible. We take boudoir photography very seriously and are passionate about giving you an amazing experience and totally individual, artistic, beautiful photographs to treasure.

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