Family Photos Celebrating the Twins First Birthday at Buffalo Park

“It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins” – Unknown

Twins run in my family, and truthfully, I always dreamed that if I had been able to have a baby, it would have been twins.  Double the trouble and double the laughs.  My uncles are inseparable and have been so close all their life.  There’s a strange phenomenon with twins, and how they can sense each other even when apart, and my uncles have stories supporting this from their time in the Vietnam War.  They truly are connected.  And I know the same will be of these two little girls, Charlotte and Avery, best friends forever.

We choose Buffalo Park, near downtown Flagstaff, for its views of Mount Elden and beautiful fields of dried grasses.  I brought two cupcakes for the little girls to celebrate and they loved them!  Happy birthday girls, I hope to see you all again soon!

About Buffalo Park, Flagstaff AZ

Part of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, Buffalo Park hosts a 2-mile loop trail through an expansive open space on the flat top of McMillan Mesa, an ancient lava flow. Most of the trail is on open, native grassland, but dips into a wooded ravine just to the west of the park entrance. The trail provides a magnificent panorama to the mountains north of town, including the San Francisco Peaks, the Dry Lake Hills, and Mount Elden. Buffalo Park also offers access to FUTS and Forest Service trails including the Arizona Trail and McMillan Mesa Trail.

How to Get There

From downtown, drive north on San Francisco Street to Forest Avenue. Turn right on Forest, then left onto North Gemini Road until you reach an unpaved parking area at the end of the road

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