FAQ: Boudoir

I think every woman should feel beautiful and fabulous and Boudoir sessions are the perfect way to do that!  Please read these Frequently Asked Questions to answer any questions you might have about your session.  Also check out my top 5 reasons to do a boudoir photography session.  I promise, you’re going to LOVE IT!

What exactly is a Boudoir Session?

A Boudoir session is the chance for every woman to feel sexy, glamorous, refined, elegant and breathtaking.   These photography sessions are all about making each woman feel like a super model for the day.  Most packages come with professional hair and makeup and are meant to pamper each client.  When my clients see their photos during their ordering session, the question that always comes up is “Is that really me?”.   This is my chance to show every woman, in every shape and size, just how beautiful they are.  These sessions are about empowering women and letting them appreciate and honor their beauty.

Do you have any photos online that I can see?

Most of my clients are moms, executives, volunteers and members of their communities.  Because of the private nature of Boudoir photography, I do not post many photos on my website.  However, if you submit an inquiry, I’ll send you more examples of my work.

What can I expect from our session?

It’s my goal to help you fully realize the value of your photography investment.  I’m not content just to create the images that you’ll love; I will also work with you to create wall prints, albums or even canvases that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.   It’s my view that, until you have final prints that you can enjoy in a  meaningful way, I haven’t done my job.

What information should I give you before the session?

Before your session, we will talk about the final destination of your images.  Are you giving the groom a sexy wedding day gift?  A discreet album might be your best choice.  Are you looking to finish your walls in your own bedroom?  Elegant and sexy wall prints might be more to your liking.  We’ll talk before the session to make sure the direction of our session fits your end goal.

Where will my session be held?

A couple of weeks before the shoot, I will give you a call to work out shooting locations and wardrobe options.   I usually shoot in beautiful and unique hotels across the country to create the mood you’re craving.  I’ve used vintage inns, modern resorts, and antique homes to rent to satisfy your final look.

What will our session be like?

As far as what to expect on your shoot day, I generally like to keep things fun and spontaneous. I’ll shoot a variety of images in various outfits and lighting schemes to make sure we make the most of your time with us.

How long will our session last?

The shoot itself will take about one to two hours. Professional hair and makeup will take another 2 hours prior to when we begin.  I recommend blocking off at least 5 hours for your sessions so you can really relax and enjoy the whole experience.

How much is a Boudoir Session?

On average, my boudoir clients invest about $1200 for their session and final products.

Do you edit all my photos and how many will I receive?

Yes, I will hand craft each final photograph of you to perfection.  While I do not do major edits where you will not recognize yourself, I always fine tune each photograph to enhance your already beautiful features.  You will receive about 40-50 images to view during your ordering session that have been through my extensive editing process.

Will I get a USB of the Images with my session?

I do offer a Digital Collection which includes the high resolution images.  Please contact me for information about all my packages!

When do you schedule Boudoir Sessions?

I schedule all boudoir sessions Monday through Friday.  Some weekends are available but have additional fees.

How will I see my proofs?

After the shoot, I’ll schedule a time for an online meeting.  I’ll put together a slideshow of our favorite images from the shoot so that you can sit back and enjoy. After viewing the show, I’ll work with you to pick out your selects and place your print and/or album order.  The ordering session usually takes about one hour so please be sure to allot enough time in your schedule.  A big part of the service that I offer is patiently assisting you with our expertise as to what images will work best and in what context.

Can I see my proofs online?

Yes, a complimentary online gallery is included with every session for one week.

How long does it take to get my products?

Once you have placed your order, I’ll commence the work immediately. Depending upon the scope of your order, you may expect it to be complete within two to four weeks.   Smaller prints take the least amount of time while custom-bound albums tend to take considerably longer.  I will let you know during the ordering session how long each product will take to deliver.

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