FAQ: Families

I look forward to meeting your family and creating images that you’ll be able to  cherish for many years to come.  Please read these Frequently Asked Questions to answer any questions you might have about your session.

What can I expect from our session?

It’s my goal to help you fully realize the value of your photography investment.  I’m not content just to create the images that you’ll love; I will also work with you to create wall prints, albums or even holiday cards that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. It’s my view that, until you have final prints that you can enjoy in a  meaningful way, I haven’t done my job.

What information should I give you before the session?

Before your session, I recommend that you think about what specific photos you may be interested in and if there are any specific purposes that you might have in mind for final prints. Would you like a series of framed prints of the kids for the hallway?  A large print of the family in the living room? An album for the coffee table? Having an idea of what you might like to order after the shoot is frequently helpful as we plan and carry out your session.

A week or two before the shoot, I will give you a call to work out shooting locations (if we’re shooting away from the studio) and wardrobe options. I generally like to avoid black clothing and white shirts – especially t-shirts. Bold patterns also tend to stand out (so you may want to rethink dad’s Hawaiian shirt).  Colors are great – the more the better. I’m also not big fans of everybody wearing the exact same clothing; I’d rather see you wearing clothes that you like and that reflects your personalities.

What will our session be like?

As far as what to expect on your shoot day, I generally like to keep things loose and informal. I’ll shoot a variety of images with various backgrounds.   I’ll place you all in the best positions and then get you to relax.  I try and avoid the traditional style of posed photography since the images tend to look stiff and forced.  Instead, I’ll try to capture your family in more spontaneous and fun moments.  Of course, I’ll be sure to get photos of the entire family together. My goal is to have the photos look relaxed and honest.

How long will our session last?

The shoot itself will take about one hour depending on the number of people in the shoot and their ages. Sessions with infants and/or toddlers tend to be much shorter than those with older kids.

How much is a Portrait Session?

I offer many different packages for portrait sessions.  Please inquire at melissa@tangledlilac.com for a detailed pricing list.  We also offer beautiful albums, canvases and fine art prints for your home.

Will I get a USB of the Images with my session?

I offer a complimentary USB of low resolution, watermarked images for each client to share online or to archive for their own purposes.  I also offer the High Resolution Images in my Digital Collection.  However, it has been our experience that the digital images are usually put in a drawer and forgotten.  My goal is to help you create a beautiful display of your printed images you can proudly display in your home and enjoy every day.  We pride ourselves in helping our clients create memories for a lifetime.  If all you want is the USB of the photos, our studio might not be a good fit for you.

When do you schedule Portrait Sessions?

I schedule all portrait sessions Monday through Friday.  Select weekend dates are available but are limited due to weddings that might be previously booked.  I do reserve one weekend a month for portrait sessions, but they fill up fast.  Contact me as soon as you’re interested to claim that spot!

Where will my session be?

I’ll discuss options for locations for your portrait session.  Most families want to do theirs in a special outdoor location, but I also offer indoor studio locations as well.

How will I see our proofs?

After the shoot, I’ll schedule a time for you to come in to view and order your prints in our studio. I’ll put together a slide show of our favorite images from the shoot so that you can sit back and enjoy. After viewing the show, I’ll  work with you to pick out your selects and place your print and/or album order.  The ordering session usually takes about one hour so please be sure to allot enough time in your schedule. If at all possible, I recommend leaving small children at home since they quickly get bored with sitting around. A big part of the service that I offer is patiently assisting you with our expertise as to what images will work best and in what context.

Can I see my proofs online?

Yes, an online gallery is included in all my packages.

How long does it take to get my products?

Once you have placed your order, I’ll commence the work immediately. Depending upon the scope of your order, you may expect it to be complete within two to four weeks. Smaller prints take the least amount of time while custom-bound albums tend to take considerably longer.  I will let you know during the ordering session how long each product will take to deliver.

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