Waiting on Baby Byers {Flagstaff Maternity Photography}

I met Amee right before I was married in 2007.  When I met her, as a client in her hair salon, I knew that she was destined to be my friend too.  She’s the kind of person who seeps sweetness and kindness and I fell in love with her.   Over the years I photographed her and Thomas’s wedding (where I think I cried through the whole ceremony it was so sweet and heartfelt). the whole Byer’s clan and more recently, a touching way to announce to Amee and Thomas’s family and friends they they were having a baby.  Being that I love these two so much, I was really looking forward to this session.  The little boy is very blessed to have chosen Amee and Thomas as his parents.  They are already so filled with so much love for this little boy and everyone in their families is eagerly awaiting his arrival this Saturday!  Congrats Amee and Thomas, I cannot wait to meet him too! ~ Melissa







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