Pippi found a home! {Arizona Pet Photography}

One of our past clients, Samantha, called me one day and wanted to know if I’d take some photos of one of her foster dogs to help it find it’s forever home.   Samantha is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.  She’s constantly helping discarded and unwanted animals find homes.  Even on her wedding day, her big heart was shown by her choice of a wedding favor:  a donation to a horse rescue group, Harmony and Hope Horse Haven, in Arizona in all the guest’s names.  Pippi came to the studio a couple of weeks ago, and it only took a couple hours after I posted the photos for a couple to respond that they wanted to meet her.  The couple, Leslie and Stacy, were also two of my clients!  Leslie and Stacy were married in October 2010 and just after their wedding, they sadly lost one of their dogs.  Ever since Red passed, they had been looking to help fill the void in their pack.  So, they took Pippi on a weekend “test drive” and she never left!  (By the way, I’ve known Leslie and Stacy for a while, and knowing their kind spirit, I sort of knew that once Pippi went to their house, there was no way she was ever going back! )  I know that Pippi is going to have a wonderful home, weekly mountain bike outings and two other doggies to snuggle with.  Thanks to my sweet clients; I’m always filled with so much love knowing your kind and giving spirits!  ~ Melissa

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