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Flagstaff is a great town, offering everything from natural areas to downtown funky looks. Looking for Flagstaff photo locations can be overwhelming, so I hope this little list can assist you in choosing the backdrop that resonates with you.

Aspen Corner

Without a doubt, Aspen Corner comes in at number one because of it’s beauty. Aspen Corner is aptly named due to the large stand of Aspen Trees. Fun fact, did you know that most aspen trees in a grove are related? Aspen trees commonly grow by the “vegetative method”. This means that a tree grows roots near the surface of the ground from which new trees sprout. The new trees are genetically identical to the parent tree. This process of reproduction can grow vast forests of aspen that are all interconnected by roots and are one genetic individual. (Just a little Biology geek knowledge from my college days)

This beautiful stand of aspens is a favorite in all seasons. While we love the gold from the fall season, the spring and summer bring beautiful patches of lupines, Indian paint brush and forget-me-nots.

Check out this Summer Family Session at Aspen Corner!

Flagstaff Photo Location of Aspen Corner with a husband and wife in the wildflowers

Buffalo Park

Just north of downtown Flagstaff, this iconic community park has spectacular views of the San Francisco Peaks and Mount Elden. Buffalo Park offers novice and veteran hikers access to a vast network of trails including the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS), Coconino National Forest and the Arizona Trail. A historic bronze sculpture of a buffalo at the entrance welcomes nature lovers of all ages to Buffalo Park.

Photo sessions there have seasonal wildflower opportunities, views of the peaks and Mount Elden and great antique fencing.

Check out this sweet pet session at Buffalo Park when the sunflowers are in full bloom.

A golden Retriever in sunflowers at Buffalo Park at one of the Flagstaff Photo Locations

Frances Short Pond – Flagstaff Photo Location near downtown

If you’ve heard locals mention “The Duck Pond“, they are actually talking about Frances Short Pond. Tucked away near downtown, this sweet little pond is a hidden gem that offers so much diversity in photographs. Sessions there offer views of A1 mountain, backgrounds of ponderosa pines, enchanting flowers, the pond and a quaint little cabin. So many people comment on my shoots there and don’t even realize this location can offer so many different looks.

I spend a lot of time hiking around Frances Short Pond. Once, we rescued a male mallard duck who had a dart in it’s head! Read that story on the Arizona Daily Sun. He was ultimately returned to his family after having the dart removed. We were thrilled!

Check out this summer family session at Frances Short Pond!


Another great choice for Flagstaff Photo Locations is one of the most diverse for options. Downtown Flagstaff is unique for photo sessions and not any shoots I do there ever look the same. From funky murals to unique walls and fencing, you’ll find this urban look great for smaller families and individual shoots. Due to weekend crowds, I recommend only using this location Monday through Thursday.

Check out this senior who took advantage of our sunflowers and our diverse downtown for her photo shoot.

Galinas Tank

This location is a 45 minute drive from downtown Flagstaff, but worth the effort. Named mostly for the dry cattle tank, Galinas Tank area offers many social trails surrounding the grassy meadow with a unprecedented view of the San Francisco peaks. In the fall, the aspen grove delights all visitors to a golden explosion of color. In the summer, tall grasses with mixtures of lupines and other wildflowers carpet the meadow. In spring and winter (if the road is open), there is almost always snow.

Hart Prairie Lodge Meadow

At the top of Snowbowl Road and at the Arizona Snowbowl Resort is beautiful Hart Prairie Lodge Meadow. Offering carpets of wildflowers in the spring and summer and unmatched sunsets, this location is a showstopper. This gorgeous meadow is only available when the ski resort is closed.

Check out this gorgeous maternity session at Hart Prairie Meadow!

I hope this has helped you narrow down your choices for Flagstaff Photo Locations! If you’d like to get a shoot on the books just send me an email! I’d love to create some memories for you!

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