Kendall & Leah {Sisters of the Heart | Tangled Lilac Photography}

In 2010 I taught a workshop for beginner photographers called “Picture This“.   In developing the class syllabus, I quickly realized that I needed some models.  Being that Kendall’s mom, Kirsten, was a friend of mine and a workshop attendee (the workshop was promoted through her then store, About Memories and More), it wasn’t hard getting the girls to come out.  You see, Kendall and Leah have been best friends since Kindergarten and they were always together.  So, it was perfect to have them involved in the workshop.  In exchange for being a model for us, I always told these young ladies they could have a free photo session any time they wanted.

And the time came last week.

Kendall and Leah are about to leave the nest as they graduate high school and begin a new adventure on their own, an education here in Flagstaff, Northern Arizona University.   Currently Kendall attends Flagstaff High School and Leah goes to Northland Prep Academy.   Both girls have enjoyed high school but are looking forward to the next stage of their life as college students.  Kendall is undecided for a major, but is leaning towards a career in Nutrition.   Leah has her eyes set on a degree in English with a minor in Psychology.  Leah hopes to one day live in Oregon or Washington State to teach kids how to write stories, poetry, essays and to show them that reading can be fun!  Being that their paths will ultimately stray far away from one another, doing a Best Friend photo session seemed very fitting for these beautiful young ladies.

Thank you for spending the afternoon with us ladies, we had a great time with you both! ~ Melissa








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