Senior Session in the Golden Aspens and Urban Downtown

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

This Flagstaff Senior Session was one of my favorites.  Have you ever been to an aspen grove when the leaves are golden?  If you haven’t, make the time.  And by time, I suggest at least two to three hours to just sit and breathe it in.  The smell of an aspen grove in the fall is just as mesmerizing as the golden leaves and I can promise you, when you leave, you’ll feel so much more grounded.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Flagstaff, but for a portrait photographer, it’s also a time of high stress.  Us photographers cannot control Mother Nature, and while I have twenty plus years of data that tells me when the leaves are ‘supposed’ to peak, well, I never really know.  So, I usually have a list of about 40 + clients who want to have their family photos, senior portraits or pet photos taken.  Add to that, there’s only so much work I can bite off and that is a recipe for stress.  So, I use the time in-between session such as this to carve an hour here and there to just breathe it all in.

And y’all, it works like a charm.  I have learned to meditate in the past year and I can return to Zen in about ten minutes.

I loved spending the evening with Kaitlyn as we explored the aspen forest.  We also did some photos downtown Flagstaff with it’s funky and artistic murals.  Love the diversity of images you can create here in our little mountain town.

Congratulations Kaitlyn.  Always reach for the stars!

Laughing high school senior model on the ground surrounded by leaves during her Flagstaff Senior Session. Photo taken by Melissa Dunstan of Tangled Lilac Photography

High school senior with red hair and green eyes in a bed of golden aspen leaves during her Flagstaff Senior Session by Melissa Dunstan of Tangled Lilac Photography

black and white photo of smiling Flagstaff Senior in downtown Flagstaff by Melissa Dunstan of Tangled Lilac

Flagstaff Senior Session in downtown Flagstaff of a high school senior in color and black and white by Melissa Dunstan of Tangled Lilac

Flagstaff Senior Session in the tall ferns at Snowbowl near Aspen Corner photographed in the fall by Melissa Dunstan Tangled Lilac

Looking for more outdoor aspen photo inspiration?  Check out another aspen senior session.

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