Gifts for Photographers

The Best Gifts for Photographers

Are you trying to think of some great ideas for gifts for your favorite photographer?  I’ve been shooting for the past 25 years and below are some of what I feel are the best gifts for photographers that I use everyday.  For simplicity, all of these items are available on Amazon on the links below, but please support your local camera shop if you have one!

CANON 5D Mark IV DSLR – $2499

Admittedly, I’ve been a Canon user since day one, and I’m sure the other manufactures have great products too, but over the years I’ve been impressed with Canon’s customer service and quality.  If I’ve ever had a problem, they’ve resolved it.

This professional camera is top-notch and two of them go to each shoot with me.

Canon 5D Mark IV Camera Body is a favorite gift for photographer

CANON 5D Mark IV with 24-70 Lens – $3149

If you’re looking to step up your gift, choose this package that includes my favorite walk-around-lens, the 24-70mm.  It’s light enough to not hurt your back on a big hike but nice enough to capture beautiful details in sunsets and closeups.

Canon 5D Mark IV with 24-70 Lens is a great gift for photographer








I remember there was a day, about 15 years ago, when I considered giving up photography because of my back pain.  The camera straps that came with the bodies just didn’t do the trick.  Through trial and error, I found Black Rapid straps and they saved me from unnecessary pain that ultimately comes from carrying heavy equipment 3-4 times a week.  Your photographer friend will be SO happy when they try this on.  A warning…there are cheap copies of this strap floating around on the internet, but the attachment that keeps the camera on the strap is cheaply made on these copy cats and you can lose your camera unexpectedly.  That’s a costly mistake.  So spend the extra $20 and get the good one!

Single camera strap Black Rapid is a great gift for photographer


I bring this strap to every wedding I photograph because in the expected environment of a wedding, I need two bodies with two distinctly different lenses on at all times.  I can let go of the camera and lens I don’t need and let it dangle while I concentrate on that shot that I can’t miss without worrying if it’s going to hit the ground.

Gift for Photographer Camera Harness will make any of your photographer friend smile






If you’re looking for a serious camera bag, this is the one.  Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s certified to qualify as a check-on bag for all flights, domestic and international and it has WHEELS!  Over the years I’ve always been on the lookout for not only the most efficient and useful items to use but also the ones that give me the most comfort and this amazing bag does it all.  It also has a handy lock you can use to lock it somewhere if needed and will fit most tablets and small laptops in the front pocket.

Our favorite gift for photographers is a Think Tank camera bag


So here’s my problem with flashes…I drop them ALL THE TIME.  I used to be partial to the Canon ones, but after dropping, and breaking, too many to admit, I switched to a less expensive copy version.  And I’ve had great results with these Yongnuo brand ones.  At $138, they are about 1/4 the cost of the Canon ones, and I don’t have to stress all the time about injuring them on shoots.  They have radio and infrared signaling capability and work just as well as the Canon versions.  I keep four of these on hand at all times.

A Canon flash is a must gift for any photographer


I also use the Yongnuo flash transmitters and have found them to be just as good as the Canon versions.  I use off-camera flash (OCF) on about 80% of my work, and these have always worked flawlessly.

A camera flash receiver is a great gift for photographer

I hope some of these items find there way to your favorite photographers.  Thank you for reading my Gifts for Photographers post!

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