Kristen-Class of 2013 Grand Canyon High School {Senior Photography}

Five years ago, I met this beautiful young lady when she was a bridemaid in her mom’s wedding in Phoenix.  When I was asked to do the senior photos, it was one of those moments when you realize that time is fleeting.  I got a call from her big sis, Andrea, about doing senior photos.  “Love to!” was my response.  And then, there was a pause from me.  “Wait!” I said, “Kristen’s old enough to graduate high school?”  It seemed like yesterday that I met her.

This family seems more like my own as the years roll by.  Between all of them, I’ve photographed two weddings, numerous family sessions and now a senior.  I’m so honored to have been there for all of them, and look forward to all the milestones to come.   In fact, there’s a big family session with all  of them next month!

But back to Kristen!  Kristen’s graduating next year and this young lady already knows she wants to be a massage therapist.  And, knowing her determination and her intellect, I know she’s going to be very successful.  We had a great time hanging out with this beautiful girl and her mom, Julie, and loved exploring Kristen’s backyard, the Grand Canyon.  Kristen, an accomplished guitarist, even entertained a few guests at El Tovar as we took some photographs on the porch.

We wish you the best Kristen, and know your future will be filled with lots of successes and great accomplishments!  Congrats! ~ Melissa
High school senior photography

high school senior

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high school senior photographer

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