Headshot Pricing


“That’s what she said..”

Michael Scott

OK, hopefully you’ve watched The Office and you are laughing and not offended. Michael Scott is one of my favorite characters of all time…sweet, funny and sometimes, well, a bit offensive. But, he had a way of making the most of all his screw-ups, as I hope I can with mine. So, if you’re still reading, let’s get back to those 3 seconds.

The average time before a visitor decides to leave or stay on your website, is three seconds. So, you have to really make those seconds count. Creating a website isn’t just about your skills and talent, but also, is it fast loading, easy to navigate, visually appealing? And most of all, does it show you as an expert in your industry?

So now that I have your attention, what does your ‘ABOUT‘ page say about you? Does it reflect your authority of your profession? Your passion about your field? Do you look approachable? Enthusiastic? If not, let’s talk.

“A great headshot tells your audience that you’ve invested in yourself, and they should too!”


“That’s what she said.”

OK, I promise, I’ll stop with the jokes. For now. But in my defense, it was a perfect set up.

Your time is valuable, I know you’ve got that business to run, so we don’t want to keep you longer than necessary. But at the same time, there’s no need to be rushed or worried about the time needed to create great images for you. When we start your shoot, know that we’ll make sure we get fantastic images for you, whether it takes five minutes, or three hours. Let us worry about the lighting, angles, positioning, posing and just relax and know you’ll leave with a great image for your profile. Are you really afraid you won’t naturally smile? Don’t worry, I’ve got some awesome Michael Scott jokes up my sleeve I’ve been dying to try out. I can 100% assure you, I’m gonna get that smile.


Headshot packages are all the same, $250 plus the costs of any images you select. Images are $50 each. I don’t want you to pay any more than necessary, and each individual and company has different needs. Not having packages makes it easier for you to determine your costs and how many photos you need.



I’d love to chat with you about how we can create some images perfect for you and your brand. Just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch soon. If the form isn’t working (some mobile devices won’t show it…booooo) then head over to my contact form. Thanks!