A fun family session in Hilo, Hawaii


Some people say that time flies in an instant, but you don’t really get that until you know kids. As soon as I got to Hilo, Hawaii, it really struck me. I remember clearly when these kiddos were born and how excited everyone was to welcome them into the world. It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Kiley was born. Check out this sweet sunflower session with them that was TEN YEARS ago! Seriously, WHERE does the time go.

Over the years, it’s been a thrill to watch these outstanding kids grow into the smart, funny and sweet humans.

We got the news they were moving to Hilo, Hawaii five years ago and it seemed surreal. As excited we were for them, we knew life just wasn’t going to be the same. But, the silver lining was, we could visit Hawaii most anytime we wanted. And that’s pretty awesome if it wasn’t for the fact that we, quite honestly, don’t make enough time to do that often enough. COVID made me wake up to a lot of things, and letting time slip by as I spin my wheels for work is one of them.

So last month, we visited these sweet smiling faces and had a wonderful week laughing with the kids and catching up with mom and dad. Waking up and having coffee while seeing that ocean view was amazing. I was thrilled we could do a family photography session on their gorgeous property in Hilo, Hawaii. (Seriously, isn’t it gorgeous??)

I found out so much about Tamara that week, so much more than I ever knew. For one, she’s in the #woowoo club as well, believes in angels and fairies (just like me!) and her favorite show is Ancient Aliens too! I’d swear we were sisters except for she doesn’t show up on my DNA test as match. 😓

In closing, the take away from this trip was this….

Our time on this earth is limited. Make the time to spend it with the people you love.

Much love, Melissa

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