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One of the best things about being a Flagstaff Headshot Photographer is meeting other women entrepreneurs. Sometimes us micro business owners feel overwhelmed and lonely, and I use any time I can to learn and banter about business. Heck, who am I kidding. I completely OBSESS about business and success.

(Side note….when my CPA asks me every year to give me receipts for when I was talking about my business…..I always say “So you want ALL MY RECEIPTS for EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE“. She laughs, but I also don’t really know if she knows just how SERIOUS I am. Thanks for putting up with me Becky. 😉)

Y’all, us micro business owners, we eat, sleep and dream about business.

So having Cindy as my subject was kind of a dream come true. Cindy May is a talented Marketing Guru who has fine tuned email messaging like my granny did with her chocolate cream cake. And y’all, when you read her delightfully crafted creations, it’s just as delicious as that cake.

For Cindy’s branding session, she wanted it to be light, airy and fun. A simply white backdrop with bright clothing (in her branding colors) was perfect. And that smile? Well, that’s the icing on that cake.

If your business is looking for some marketing help, check her and her team out.

Indoor Studio Headshot session of brunette model wearing black on a white backdrop smiling by Flagstaff Headshot photographer Melissa Dunstan

I love seeing what my clients do with their branding photos and headshots. Her website is bright, happy, inviting and informative! Check out her PodCast, I know I will!

Are you ready to get some updated branding photos for your website? I love being a Flagstaff Headshot Photographer, Contact me today and let’s get something on the books!


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