Lipan Point Elopement at Grand Canyon National Park

“As Soon As I Saw You I Knew A Grand Adventure Was About To Happen.”

– Winnie the Pooh

Mike and Linda came all the way from Simpsonville, South Carolina and I adored them.  (I have a soft spot for fellow Southerners)  The couple chose Grand Canyon National Park for their wedding and they settled on Lipan Point for their ceremony.  (If you need help finding a location, check out our article here)  Being from the South, the couple wanted something different than the usual weddings found back East, and boy, the Grand Canyon never looks dull.

Early afternoon is a tough time for portraits at the canyon, because the environment is harsh with no shade and it can get very hot in the spring and summer, sometimes topping 100F.  Mike and Nicole were so much fun to work with, and I loved being there with them as they started their life together.

Congrats you two!  Thank you for having me as your wedding photographer.

Grand Canyon Wedding

Lipan Point

(Elevation: 7360 feet / 2243 meters)

From this viewpoint can be seen several points of interest.  Hance Rapid is one of the many powerful whitewater rapids along the Colorado River.  Unkar Delta was once home to ancestral Puebloan people and is the site of active archeological study.  The Grand Canyon Supergroup is a unique rock strata at Grand Canyon, visible to this extent from only a few places on the South Rim.

Many visitors claim that Lipan Point offers one of the most spectacular Canyon vistas in the entire park. Westward views seem to stretch outward forever, and Canyon walls present a tapestry of colors and textures. The Colorado River cuts through the deepest part of the Canyon near here, and sunset views are incredible as well. Far below the rim, cradled by the river, is the Unkar Delta, a rich alluvial accumulation that supported the farming efforts of early Native Americans.

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