5 Reasons to do a Boudoir Photography Session


Boudoir Photography with black leather jack and black background with Tangled Lilac Photographer Boudoir Photography


I get asked a lot… why do women seek me out for Boudoir Photography? Sometimes I lose sight that some don’t know how EMPOWERING and AMAZING having a Boudoir Session can be, so it surprises me when I get asked.

But let me pose a question for you.

When was the last time that YOU DID SOMETHING JUST FOR YOU?

And hey girl, I know what you’re going to say, because I’m a girl too, afterall.

I need to lose 10 pounds before I get in front of a camera…”

“I need to pay for my kid’s uniform/fix my car/remodel the bathroom before I invest in expensive photos of myself”

“I’m NOT photogenic.”

I’ve heard those, and so many more excuses. I bet if you sit down and start writing, you can come up with a hundred more. But now my gorgeous girl, I’m going to give you FIVE reasons why you NEED THIS!




First of all, can I just say ‘2020‘?! We all know what 2020 did for all us women. If left us spread thin, stressed-out and tired. Oh sooooooo tired. We long for the days when our biggest complaint was ‘how are we gonna get all the kids to all those practices on time?’ Now? We are pooped. Working from home, coordinating zoom meetings, home-schooling, all those tech problems you never thought you’d have to think about….and for god’s sake, trying to explain junior high algebra. You know that feeling after you get a great haircut? Or after a good massage? You leave with a little more bounce in your step, a little more energized and that SMILE stays for a long time. So let’s imagine this…you show up for our shoot, the stylist is ready to pamper you with hair and makeup, the champagne is chilled, your favorite jams are on the speaker and you can just melt into that chair and be pampered. Then, when you’re styled and ready, you get to play dress up in lingerie you never thought you’d feel comfortable in, except not only comfortable, you feel EMPOWERED and STRONG! Hell yeah, you are sexy, confident and amazing. That’s the power of a great boudoir experience.

2. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE (and those joggers)

OK, y’all, let’s get real. I know all those jumpsuit/sweat suits/terry cloth jogger things are all the rage. But let’s be honest, we’ve all gotten a little toooooo comfortable in them. We all have our ‘safe’ space. That role that we stepped in, even when you didn’t realize you were doing it. Maybe you’re a mom to three kids, or maybe you run the corporation, maybe you’re a teacher and trying to magically create a fun at-home-learning system for kids you can’t see, or for-hecks-sake, maybe you’re doing it all. You’ve become good, and comfortable, in all those roles, but girl, it’s time to bust out! It’s good to break those ceilings and try something different! A boudoir session is a safe space to let loose, bring out your inner sexy and shine!



Even though I wish it were true, we all don’t get to have someone else do our hair and makeup every day by a professional. Wouldn’t that be marvelous? Heck, maybe you haven’t EVER had your hair and makeup done by anyone except yourself, or maybe your 6-year-old when she wanted to ‘make-mamma-up’. Let’s take this Boudoir Experience to the celebrity status level and let you bask in the experience of letting someone else style and pamper you. Doesn’t that sounds amazing!?


Imagine the look on your partner’s face when they open up the sleek album, not knowing what to find when they open the pages….and then seeing how excited they are when they feast their eyes on the women they love, the woman who makes their heart burst with love and lust, the beautiful woman of their dreams in an artistic album. This album will be forever cherished, trust me on that. I’ve had men break down and cry when presented with their album and it’s some of the most touching moments I’ve ever witnessed. One husband pulled me aside and thanked me for showing his wife, of 28 years, how beautiful she was. “I tell her everyday, but I don’t think she quite believes me after all these years…but these photos…DAMN…now she KNOWS I’m not lying…I’m the luckiest man alive” Your ARE the most beautiful woman to them. It’s time you start seeing that GORGEOUS, CONFIDENT AND SEXY woman.


Girl, if you could really know how it feels to leave the shoot, still walking on air, knowing you are the goddess you are, you’d schedule that shoot for today. Every. Single. Client. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph leaves the shoot feeling strong, sexy, smart, desirable, and empowered. I always joke that maybe you should schedule a shoot the day before a job interview, asking for a raise, having that vital conversation with someone, because I guarantee you you’re gonna feel ON FIRE.


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