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Graduating from college is a major accomplishment in many young student’s lives and I love creating NAU Senior Photos for our local graduates. When I first meet them for their graduation photos, I can really feel the excitement. There are not many times in our lives when we start with a clean slate, and college graduation is one of those moments. If you had to do it all over again, would you take the same path? It’s a question I always ask the senior’s parents, and it’s surprising at the answers I hear. Sometimes the parents even surprise their kids when they admit they would have taken a different route. It’s always interesting to see the candid reaction from both. I love the honesty and I can tell each one learns a little more about each other.

Kayleen had one of those smiles that would light up a room, and her laugh was just as amazing. She was filled with excitement and eagerness from her degree from Northern Arizona University. Normally, I get a lot of pensive and serious looks from my graduates, but Kayleen was just SO HAPPY that a serious look would had been out of character. So, we stopped trying to fake it. We talked a lot about happiness, and how it really just comes down to one thing, the decision to be happy. If you really think about it, it’s 100% true.

These graduates who conquered their studies and graduated during COVID are going to change the world. And Kayleen, I can’t wait to see what your future brings. Congrats!

“Leap, and the net will appear”

John Burroughs
Female smiling for her NAU Senior Photos taken by Melissa Dunstan in Flagstaff Arizona
Girl in graduation cap and gown smiling for her NAU Senior Photos by Melissa Dunstan Flagstaff Senior Photographer
NAU Senior Photos taken by the Rio de Flagstaff near the Northern Arizona University Campus by Melissa Dunstan
Laughing NAU Graduate in Cap and Gown smiling for her NAU Senior Photos by Melissa Dunstan
Girl wearing her sash for NAU Senior Photos in Flagstaff Arizona taken by Melissa Dunstan Flagstaff Senior Photographer

Are you graduating soon and would love some NAU Senior Photos? I’d love to capture your graduation photos. Contact me today and see how we can create some unique images you’ll love.

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