Meet Emma! {Our Northern Arizona University Intern}

We’re so happy to be able to introduce our new Intern from Northern Arizona University, Emma Changose!  Emma approached us, via email while she was living in South Africa, about the potential of being our intern.  We haven’t been able to have an intern in a while (since 2010!) so Emma’s been a HUGE help to our business.  She has quickly proved to be an invaluable part of the MDP team.  She does everything from going to the post office for us, helps to manage our social marketing on Facebook and Twitter and is helping us blog!   In the months to come, we hope to get her even more real world training.   To help you get to know Emma more, we asked her a few questions.  Forgive my journalism skills, or lackthereof :

Melissa:  “What is your major”
Emma:  “Photography is my major.  Anthropology, Journalism and International Communication is my minor”.
Melissa:  “Wow…Overachiever!”
Emma:  Rolling eyes….”Whatever..”

Melissa:  “Why did you want to do an Internship in Photography”
Emma:  “So that I could be prepared to start my own photography business when I graduate”
Melissa to Kristen Carnes:  “Ummmm….did she sign a Non-Compete Contract??”
Kristen:  “Ummm….No.”
Emma:  “Stop it!!”

Melissa:  “When will you graduate”
Emma:  “May 2014”
Melissa to Kristen:  “Sweet, we have two years to get her to sign the Non-Compete Contract”
Emma:  “Seriously?  Stop it!!”

Melissa:  “What is your favorite part of your internship so far?”
Emma: “I love doing busy work, like watermarking.  Oh, and mopping the floor”
Melissa:  “Funny girl, huh?”
Emma:  Laughing…”Seriously, I like getting the real world experience.  I didn’t realize everything that goes into owning a business, it’s been a real eye opener”

Melissa:  “What’s your favorite kind of photography?”
Emma:  “Documentary Style Portraits”

Melissa:  “What’s your favorite color?”
Emma:  “Purple”
Kristen:  “Really, or are you  just saying that?”
Emma:  “No, I really like purple”

Melissa:  “If you couldn’t be a photographer, what would you aspire to become?”
Emma:  “A Travel Agent”
Kristen:  “Oh my goodness!!  Me too!”
Melissa:  “Wait, what’s happening….are you guys going to quit and be a travel agent?  No!!!”

Melissa:  “What’s your favorite mammel?”
Kristen:  “What?  That’s the most random question ever!”
Emma:  “An elephant.  I love how gentle they are and how much they love their familes”
Melissa and Kristen:  In unison, “Awwwwwwww….we love you!!”
Emma:  “I love you guys too”

Group hug 🙂

As you can tell, we have a bit of fun around here, but if you can’t have fun at what you do, then why do it??  We hope you’ll pop in and meet Emma and help us welcome her to the team!

The below photos of Emma were taken by Kristen Carnes.  We had a lot of fun doing them here at the studio.  Thanks for everything Emma!!  We love you!


Northern AZ University Photography Intern

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  1. Purple? Who is this girl? And, I'm telling a certain cat named Big Fuzz that Emma rescued from a parkinglot that Emma likes Elephants better…..


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