Outdoor Headshots in a Natural and Urban Setting

Outdoor Headshots in a natural setting and modern scape

Outdoor headshots are, without a doubt, one of my favorite things to do for my clients. I love hearing about my clients goal, aspirations and dreams. I guess you could say that I’m a big of a business junkie. Well, to be transparent, I’m completely obsessed with listening to people’s plans for the future. A friend of mine from back home always laughs about how maybe I’m looking for good ideas, and maybe that’s a good point.

I’ve learned so much from all the headshots over the years. Business advice, encouraging words, referrals to other small businesses who might help me elevate points of stress in my own life and even a good recommendation for a great meditation. Once, I even invested in an IPO when a client turned me onto his company. In the end, I just love listening and by the time the headshot session is over, I do believe we both feel like we’ve been to a good therapy session.

But that’s the point, right? Elevating and helping each other along the way makes for a better world. Or, at least that’s what I believe.

I’ve known Jeff for almost two decades and I was thrilled to create some great headshot images for him. When I was the Executive Director of Flagstaff Biking Organization, Jeff was the director of NAIPTA. We met when our groups planned a conference to Austin, TX along with Friends of Flagstaff’s Future. That’s also where I got to know the beautiful Becky Daggett as well! That’s the beauty of a small town like Flagstaff, there are so many amazing chances of coincidences that ultimately help shape your life.

For the location, we choose a beautiful natural area just off Lake Mary Road for his more casual look. For his professional look, we drove over to Northern Arizona University and took advantage of the modern buildings. I believe the combination was perfect!

Thank you for trusting me with your online image Jeff. That trust doesn’t go unnoticed and I am profoundly humbled. I wish you the best!

Outdoor Headshot Photograph of a man in a black top with greenery behind him during his Flagstaff Headshot Session by Melissa Dunstan Flagstaff Headshot Photographer
Flagstaff Outdoor Headshot in the Ponderosa Pines by Melissa Dunstan Flagstaff Headshot Photographer
Urban Branding Photo of a man in a suit in front of a modern building by Flagstaff Headshot Photographer Melissa Dunstan
Outdoor Headshot photo by Melissa Dunstan Flagstaff Headshot Photograher
Man in a suit for his outdoor headshot session by Melissa Dunstan Flagstaff Headshot Photographer

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