Blue is looking for his forever home {Rescue Dog Photography}

One of my biggest passions in life, is helping animals find their forever home.   Before I became a photographer, I helped out in humane societies and tried to verbally share stories of sweet animals needing a second chance.  Now, I photograph pets needing a little extra help by volunteering my  services to animal shelters and rescue groups.  It’s my hope that someone out there, will fall in love with their photo and arrange a meeting.  And by “meeting”, I mean a date to fall in love. 🙂  So, when I got a call from my friend, Connie, at the Yavapai Humane Society asking for me to help with a sweet boy who’s been at the shelter since February, I was more than happy to help.  And, this Monday, I had the good fortune of meeting a sweetheart of a dog named Blue.   Can you tell from his striking eyes how he got his name?Rescue Dog Pet Photography

Most of the time when I photograph animals at shelters, they are a bit skittish, and maybe even a bit scared.  But not this boy.  As you can see, he might just be the best smiling dog I’ve ever, ever had the good fortune to meet.  This is one happy soul.  This 1.5 year old dog came to the shelter when his owners surrendered him.  He was scared for a while (I would be too!) and it took him a couple of weeks to get adjusted to his new shelter life.  But, once he understood the good folks at th Yavapai Humane Society were there to care for him on a regular basis,  his true personality came though.  He was excited to take a hike with Connie and I on the nearby Peavine Trail, and loved exploring with his nose.   He also loves to give kisses 🙂  Once on the leash, he was very good and although we didn’t (it’s against rules), I think if we would have dropped the leash he would have stayed at our side.  I could also sense he’d be a great trail dog, and would love to run and hike with his forever family.  He was very relaxed on our walk, and while he had the curiosity most dogs would have over the occasional lizard running over the rocks, he never tried to pull and run away after it.  We also met a couple of families on the trail with small children, and Blue was curious, but also calm.

Rescue Dog Pet Photography

Aside from his beautiful blue eyes, Blue has a cute spot on his back, and the biggest tongue I might have ever seen!  I love the below photo of him getting a chin scratch with his tongue hanging to the side.  How cute is that?

Rescue Dog Pet Photography

The shelter lists Blue as a pointer/border collix mix, but I personally think Blue might be a mix of dalmatian (look at those sweet spots on his ears!) and pointer.  When he heard a noise in the woods, he would go into that classic bird dog stance.  But, admittedly, I’m not an expert on that, but you be the judge.  What I do know for sure is that he is very smart.  The short time we were out (about an hour), he learned to sit and stay perfectly still.  I can see him being very easily trained to do all sorts of tricks!

Rescue Dog Pet Photography

Being a super model is hard work, so we rewarded Blue with a nice soak in the kiddie pool after our hike.  I loved how he jumped in the water and stuck his entire head under the water to drink.  He also dug the water like dirt and then gave us his leash back to us as if to suggest, “Lets go again!”.

Rescue Dog Pet Photography

Blue would be a perfect compliment to any family and I hope he finds his forever home soon.  If you are interested in meeting Blue, please contact the Yavapai Humane Society in Prescott, 928-445-2666.  Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to help!  Thank you for helping out those without a voice.  Blessings ~ Melissa


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  1. OUTSTANDING! Nothing could have captured the handsome elegance of Blue any better than this! Trail, water, friendship and poses? OH YES ~ Blue has it all and would love to have his own family to capture many more memories like these =).


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