We’d love to be your Pet Photographer

Why I love pet photography

The best part of being a Pet Photographer are the smiles.  And that’s no joke.  Pets bring so much joy to our lives.  And, they ask for so little in return. 

Recently, when I photographed a celebrity’s dog (I signed a contract y’all, I can’t disclose who it was unfortunately 😢) the actor told me his dog was the only person he could trust.  And I could tell when he spoke those words, he truly meant it.  That dog loved his human and could have cared less if he was famous or not, a millionaire or homeless, because with pets, it’s the hearts that connect.

Our pets explode in happiness when we get home, whether it’s been 10 months or 10 minutes.  They are the first to know if we are sad and know just the right way to comfort us.  Our animal companions also know when we are happy and will celebrate with us in ways no other human can.   They love us to our core, and are our best friends and confidants.

The only fault of our four legged friends is how short of lives they live.  When I do a pet session, I know that someday, that human standing by me making funny noises to get their best friend to look at the camera will be holding these photos on their hearts and crying.  It’s not fair they have to leave us so soon.  But I like to think it’s probably because their love is so pure.  They don’t have to stay on earth to learn all the lessons we do.

I’d love to create a beautiful portrait of your pet.   I might photograph celebrity’s pets, but let’s face it.  It’s our pets who are Celebrities in our eyes.

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