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Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do in the world, and when I do get out there, I love to visit places that are off the beaten track and stay in AirBnB properties that reflect the community. This beautiful little cottage was downtown Apalachicola, Florida just steps away from the boat docks. Imagine being able to see the shrimp boats dock, yeah, it’s magical. Because of all my travels and staying only in local properties, I’ve also become a default Real Estate Photographer. Upon booking, I always ask the owners if they need refreshed photos and the answer I get is usually always yes. This little unique property needed a facelift of images, because it was just such a darling place to stay and the images needed to reflect the funky and quirky character. You could tell the owners loved collecting bits of pieces of this diverse history and art created in this little known town.

I think because of my background as a wedding photographer and portrait photographer, I don’t shoot properties like some real estate photographers. I like to use a lot of natural light or I mimic natural light with my off camera flash to create texture and depth. Some properties just scream for authenticity and this is a good example.

Because of this property and the amazing little town of Apalachicola, I’ve become a regular visitor. If you’re ever in a position to visit, do it. The downtown area is vibrant, fun and the food is delicious. It’s always a great place for family photos with the great downtown areas or at Saint George Island, which is less than five miles away. And if you’re thinking of getting married there, it’s simply perfect.

I hope you are able to soon get out an explore when the world returns to a new normal. I know I can’t wait! ~ Melissa

Funky cottage downtown Apalachicola Florida by Melissa Dunstan Real Estate Photographer
Cottage Bedroom with surfboard by real estate photographer Melissa Dunstan
Upper level view of living area in beach cottage by Real Estate Photographer Melissa Dunstan
cottage kitchen with wooden countertops by real estate photographer melissa dunstan
hidden desk under the stairs in quaint cottage by real estate photographer melissa dunstan
Apalachicola Cottage with coral by Melissa Dunstan Real Estate Photographer
aqua cottage bathroom by real estate photographer melissa dunstan
outdoor patio with iron patio set by real estate photographer tangled lilac
sign for airbnb property by real estate photographer tangled lilac

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