Krissy & Al’s Poco Diablo Resort Wedding {Sedona Wedding Photography}

Melissa & I had the pleasure of meeting Al & Krissy last year in Sedona and felt like we instantly connected.  They were just in the planning stages of their wedding but had a calm and laid back approach.  During our meeting Melissa and I knew we wanted to work with them and get to know them better.  Krissy and Al are from Albany, New York but wanted to have a destination wedding that would create a memorable experience not only for them but for the many guests that would travel for their big day.   Poco Diablo Resort was the perfect venue for this beautiful couple and definitely wowed their guests with the beautiful golf course, creek and vibrant red rock views. The day and evening was spectacular and Krissy and Al could not have looked more happy!

We asked Krissy and Al to share some special stories about their relationship, their stories are so sweet!  Melissa and I wish Krissy, Al and Charlie all the best, it was really wonderful getting to be apart of your wedding day.  We look forward to seeing you the next time you make it out to Northern Arizona!  ~Kristen

Tell us about a meaningful event in your life together. 

 There are a lot of meaningful event, however there are 2 events early in our relationship that would shape who we are as a couple today…

 One…The day we met… We both work at the same company and we were looking to hire new software consultants. Krissy was recommended through a co-worker and was scheduled to come in for an interview. I agreed to bring her in based on the recommendation. At the interview, I remarked that her resume was horrible and needed work, however, based on the interview itself and the recommendation, Krissy was offered a position and thus started the friendship which led to the marriage. 

Two… As part of working together as software consultants, we both spend a lot of time traveling for work. On a trip together to work in southeast Arizona, having a 3-day weekend coming, I asked Krissy if she wanted to road-trip up to the Grand Canyon. She agreed. We took the 3 days and visited Jerome, Sedona and the Grand Canyon. This is a trip where we realized we had a lot in common and had a fun-filled weekend together. This was the reason that 10 years later we decided to get married in Sedona Arizona!

What is or are your favorite place(s) to go together?

 We love to travel and have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of beautiful places in our time together. If we had to narrow down our list, there are our favorite places:

1.  Sedona, Arizona – This place holds special meaning to us, and the beauty is limitless. This area (including Jerome and Flagstaff) has a lot to do. We own a timeshare in Sedona and will keep going back.

 2. Key West, Florida – This has always been one of my favorite places since I first went there in 1994. It has changed a bit, but there is something about a small New England feeling town in the Caribbean. It is a special place that I have brought Krissy. We both love it there.

 3. Lake Tahoe / Tahoe City, Nevada – This is a place Krissy fell in love with and took me to. It is a very scenic place, and where we found Krissy’s engagement ring. We will never forget that place.

 4. Homer, Alaska – This is a place that is unique and spectacular. The scenery (from the water and glacier views, to the wildlife) and the serenity – this place is truly amazing. 

Do you have any funny/interesting stories from your families during your wedding or engagement?

 We pride ourselves on having fun and make the most of everything that happens. Life is fun with the right person…

 There are 3 funny / interesting things just from the week leading up to and including the wedding:

 We met Krissy’s brothers Scott, Dan and Scott’s wife Stefanie in Jerome, Arizona the Tuesday before the wedding. Jerome is known to be one of the most haunted towns in the country. We decided we would stay at the Jerome Grand Hotel, a former hospital which is haunted. At the hotel, Scott asked us to book him the most “active” room for hauntings. So we did. Overnight while trying to sleep, he swears he heard something knocking bamboo sticks together in his room, passing out of his room and then moving down the hall… Who knows?! Jerome is a great town, and every local has their own story to tell. All you have to do is ask.

 During the wedding, our officiate Andrew had practiced with Krissy’s dad to go over what he would say when presenting Krissy to me. Her dad was either very excited to hand her off, or paid no attention to Andrew the day before, but he was quick to respond and did not let Andrew finish his question. Not everyone heard it, but we certainly did and laughed. Thank you George!

 During the reception, we had just come back from pictures and were waiting to walk in to our cocktail hour, around the corner and out of sight from most everyone. There was a small group of people having a cigarette break where we were. My sister Christine and her husband Mark were the last to head down to where everyone else was, and turned the corner just as Kevin from Pure Entertainment announced Krissy and I. Oops! Krissy and I certainly had a good laugh; we hope Christine and Mark did to. 




Venue: Poco Diablo

Officiant: Rev. Andrew Murphy

DJ: Pure Entertainment

Wedding Cake & Cupcakes: Gisele’s in Jerome

Floral: Mountain High Florist

Photo Booth: ShutterBooth Arizona

Brides Gown: Demetrios in Macy’s Herald Square NYC

Tuxedos: Sedona Tuxedos

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