A Sunflower Session with Dutch the Golden Retriever | Buffalo Park Flagstaff

“If you’re lucky, a Golden Retriever will come into your life, steal your heart, gift you laughter, and change everything” – Unknown author

I’ve known Dutch for years, and for all these years, he’s acted so joyous to see me, and so much like a puppy.  When I see Dutch, I know whatever mood I’m in, I’ll be happier when he leaves.

They say all Golden Retrievers are like this, and I’ll admit, they are probably right.  I have many clients who own them, and their pet photography sessions are just as bright and fun.  But Dutch, well, his love is BIG and he loves to spread joy.

Once a year, Flagstaff erupts in blooms with sunflowers.  From year to year, we never know where they will bloom, as it seems that Mother Nature loves to surprise us with new locations.  When I photographed Dutch, it was Buffalo Park that was in bloom.  I had fun playing in the park with Dutch and his human, Audra.  That smile will keep my spirits high for days.

Thank you for sharing Dutch and his joy with me all these years Audra.  I look forward to many more.


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  1. My most treasured art pieces. Your kind words brought tears to my eyes. We are so grateful to benefit from your talents.


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