Downtown Headshots for Real Estate Professional

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” – Steve Jobs Jerome Naleski was one of the first entrepreneurs I met when I first moved to Flagstaff.   He created a group, called the Elevated Achievers, and we met once a week for … Read more

Professional Headshots – Richard Santos

I love meeting people who are starting up new careers and it seems a lot of my headshot clients are doing just that.  Richard is entering the real estate market and needed some fresh images for his new website.  I loved getting to know him and hearing about his excitement and fears of changing direction.  … Read more

Becky Daggett – City Council Race 2020

Waaaaayyyyyy back in 2005, when I was the Executive Director of Flagstaff Biking Organization, I met this lovely lady.  At the time, Becky was the director of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, another great non-profit in Flagstaff.  We were headed to Austin, Texas for an alternative transportation convention.  I knew from the very moment I met her … Read more

Studio Headshots for a new company- Flagstaff Profiles

Flagstaff Headshots

“I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘Wow, I’m not really sure I can do this,’ and you push through those moments, that’s when you have a breakthrough.” ― Marissa Mayer As a fellow female entrepreneur, Vida and I talked about the … Read more

Veterinarian Clinic Headshots for Branding and Website

Flagstaff Pet Photography Sedona Los Angeles

Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.— A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh) If you are a professional working with animals or even have animal friends that live with you, you know the above quote to be true.   I’ve always thought, it’s not that they are not talking to us, it’s just that … Read more