Wanderlust Brewing Company {Commercial Photography}

When the owner of Wanderlust Brewing Company called us for headshots of his staff, we expected the usual.  But when we dug in deeper with the project design, spearheaded by We Are William, we found out that the traditional headshot would be a creating for the staff would be little more fun.  The brewery was having a Sour Fest, highlighting sour beers, and needed shots of everyone with their best “sour face”.  It was a lot of fun working with everyone and laughing at their best pose.  We used some extra sour gummy bears to prompt their expressions and we think the final posters were awesome!  If you’re ever in Flagstaff, be sure and check out Wanderlust Brewing Company.  If you’re a beer lover, you’ll thank us, they have exceptional craft beer and a great tasting room.

042-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial (2) 043-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 044-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 045-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 046-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 047-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial

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