Fine Art Product – Wood Prints

We’re so excited to show you some new products in 2020 that will really make your images look gorgeous on your walls.

Introducing Wood Prints!

Give your prints a natural look with your image printed on real maple wood. The beauty of the grain comes through on the lighter colors and white areas of your image giving it a soft and warm feel. You’ll love its eco-friendly durability along with the vibrancy of your images. Wood Prints are available in popular sizes with ½” depth and finished with a protective laminate. Arrives ready to hang with a pre-cut keyhole.

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Yes, it’s real Maple Wood

Please be aware that the wood printing process is different from our photographic printing process. Due to the nature of the maple wood, no two boards will look exactly alike. Each print will be unique and one of a kind. Pair your favorite outdoor, natural light image with the latest trend of printing on wood, from newborn babies to beautiful outdoor weddings. It will make a great addition and conversation piece in your home.

What do photographic images look like on Wood Prints?

Any image, printed edge to edge, looks fabulous on Wood Prints. If you want to emphasize the true nature of this unique product, there are also endless creative ways to expose the wood grain in your design. Dark colors take on a warm tone and bright colors appear vibrant. Lighter colors allow the wood grain to subtly come through. The natural grain of the wood will show through any white areas of your image.

We love Wood Prints for outdoor and natural light photography, studio and indoor shoots, whether landscape, scenery or portraiture. Indoors or outdoors, shoots with a rustic, vintage or all-natural vibe translate into beautiful, authentic art.

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How do they look?

In a word, breathtaking! Display them as you would any traditional wall display product: as a statement piece, a grouping, or a sprawling wall collage. Mix with other fine art products for a diverse or eclectic display. Remember: No two wood prints will look exactly the same. Each has its own unique grain, meaning the finished product can never be replicated.

Wood Prints are 1/2″ thick and have an exposed wood edge. When you feel the weight of this fine art product you’ll and know that it’s meant to last. Wood Prints have a built-in keyhole for hanging, so they can be instantly displayed and enjoyed.

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